Pinterest Magnate: Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic in a Matter of Weeks! (Review)

Pinterest Magnate Course Review

Welcome to my Pinterest Magnate course review!

Let’s face it:

Getting people to land on your website/blog is no easy job.

Without a doubt, getting organic visitors from Google by creating high-quality content that ranks is one of the best things that can happen to you as an online marketer.

But we all know that Google can be picky as f*ck and roll out an update that can completely tank your rankings.

That’s why it’s important to DIVERSIFY your traffic sources.

Proper Pinterest marketing is definitely one of the best ways to go about it. And this is where Pinterest Magnate by Jon Dykstra from FatStacks comes in.

I personally bought the course, and within just a week of applying what I learned, I’ve seen results. Now it’s easily one of my most recommended courses for content creators.

So, here’s my truth…

Pinterest Magnate Course Review (Summary)

  • Course Title: Pinterest Magnate (PM)
  • Website:
  • Author/Instructor: Jon Dykstra
  • Product Type: Online marketing and growth
  • Price: $197/year ==> Get 45% OFF today!
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30 days 
  • Intended for: Online content creators
  • Recommended: Yes!

I’ll repeat myself:

Whatever you do online, it’s very important to diversify your traffic (and income sources).

Organic Google traffic, video marketing, investing, social media platforms…

I personally don’t like doing ALL the things at once but I did want to use the power of Pinterest to get new people to land on my website(s) and/or YouTube channel.

And that’s when I found out Jon has created a BRAND NEW course with unique techniques and strategies to get 300,000 visitors to one of his niche sites in a month (1M with Google combined).

I instantly jumped at the opportunity!

Finally a Pinterest course that shows you how to drive traffic to your digital real estate, step by step.

It is for you even if… 

  • you’ve struggled with Pinterest marketing in the past,
  • you’re new to this platform,
  • you’re overwhelmed and have no idea where to start,
  • you’re tired from the courses sharing the exact same info with average results,
  • you thought that you could never crack Pinterest yourself.

Pinterest Magnate is easy to digest and truly has actionable strategies that WORK.

So, if you want to crush it on this platform and increase your traffic and sales, I HIGHLY recommend this course to you. (I’m sharing my discount link.)

Meet Your Instructor: Jon Dykstra

First things first:

I’d like to talk a little bit about the author of Pinterest Magnate. It would be good for you to know some information about Jon Dykstra to build trust and confidence.

So, here is a short biography of him…

Jon Dykstra owns Fat Stacks website and has built many other successful niche sites.

He has been doing this full time for 8+ years now and that’s a clear sign that he’s got a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to growing and making money online.

Jon mostly relied on Google to direct traffic to his sites until he discovered how much he could gain from using Pinterest.

Below is a screenshot of his progress in 2020:

Pinterest Traffic Growth to Blog (Screenshot)

Then, he managed to gain 300,000 visitors to his blog in a month.

Pinterest has been around for a long time but they’ve made significant changes to their algorithm recently, and Jon successfully decrypted the code into maximizing one’s site potential through this medium.

And that’s exactly what he teaches you in the Pinterest Magnate course.


Why should you consider enrolling in PM?

One is that it allows you to broaden your network by increasing your audience.

If things go well, an increased number of audiences could mean increase in sales and popularity; a profitable venture for you.

In addition to that, this course also allows you to have leverage over competitors who still don’t treat Pinterest as a search engine, because in reality, it actually is a SE.

(Many people don’t even use Pinterest at all.)

Pinterest Magnate: Course Outline

I’m sure a lot of you are eager to see how this course looks like up close.

Here’s an overview of what to expect:

Let’s break down those.

  • Module 1. Welcome

Just like any other physically published book, this course has a separate module to welcome every student.

Here, the author expresses his gratitude for trusting him on this matter. It also contains a direct link to his Fat Stacks Forum (his main site) where you can talk and discuss everything about SEO.

Plus, you get to see a list of the other courses offered by Jon Dykstra here.

  • Module 2. The Basics

An introductory section.

The author expects you to have little to no idea about the relation between Pinterest and site traffic. It is in this module where Jon explains the basic concept behind Pinterest and how you should treat it.

He also listed here a number of highly effective niches that could work well in Pinterest.

Even if you’ve had some experience with Pinterest before, I think you’ll think differently about the platform than you originally did.

  • Module 3. Growing Pinterest and Traffic

This is the core of this entire online course.

You will learn how to fully optimize Pinterest for your own benefit. Jon shares his tips and techniques on how you can do this, based on his personal experience.

What makes it even more interesting is that he wrote it in very simple terms, because who needs added complications, right?

To top it off:

You will also get the chance to learn effective techniques for keyword research (something that works well for Pinterest because it’s somewhat different when you do it for Google content).

  • Module 4. Pin Design Templates

Here, you can download various Photoshop and Canva templates that you can work on (since they are editable templates).

I find it very helpful especially if you have no idea how to do layout design for your pins, nor do you want to spend time on this.

I personally loved that Jon shared this at NO additional cost, and guess what?

After using those templates for my video pins, I’ve already seen pretty awesome results:

Over 2500 views in just a couple of days!


Important to note:

Jon regularly updates this course, which explains why he priced it annually.

The author is continuously working hard to provide you with updated strategies and techniques when using Pinterest.

While the original price is $197, in a year you’ll have to renew your subscription for $20 ONLY.

Is Pinterest Magnate Worth It?

If in case it’s not obvious yet, the answer is:

Definitely YES!

Pinterest Magnate course is definitely worth it and I highly recommend it to all of you who want to gain more traffic using a more modern and effective approach.

If you think the price is too much, then think about all the benefits you can get when you fully maximize Pinterest for your own site’s profitability.


Many people who enrolled in the course have shown great appreciation to this course.

(Myself included.)

To give you an example, Jon’s site showed significant increase in visitors from ten thousands to almost 300,000 views in as fast as 30 days (something that’ll be challenging to achieve that fast with Google).

300,000 visitors from Pinterest to a blog (screenshot)

Just imagine how much profit you can potentially make having so many people visit your website/channel.

(Whether it’s affiliate marketing or ads.)

I definitely see a LOT of potential there. Don’t you?

==> Grab your spot today.

Other Online Courses Offered by Jon Dykstra

As affiliate marketers/bloggers/content creators, we always have to improve to succeed online.

And I know that you’d potentially be interested in learning about other ways to grow and create passive income online.


In case you are interested, here is a list of other Jon’s courses you can check out:

I’m sure at least one of his courses will look interesting to you to invest in.

(And if you’ve tried any of those, let us know your experience in the comments below!)

Pinterest Magnate Course Review: Thoughts?

Without a doubt…

Jon Dykstra’s course is definitely a “must-try” if you want to crush it with Pinterest marketing.

After learning all the techniques and strategies in using this platform, there’s nothing left but more potential profit for your site and business. In my opinion, it’s a real game changer.

Now, I’d like to hear from YOU:

  • Are you familiar with any FatStacks digital courses?
  • What’s your experience with Pinterest marketing?
  • What are your thoughts of this Pinterest Magnate course review?

If you have any questions, thoughts, and/or suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

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