Reality Transurfing Techniques: Simply Mind-Blowing! (My Favourite Books Ever)

“Transurfing is a powerful tool for managing reality. Apply it and life will begin to change according to YOUR order.– Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing I-V.


I am sharing my personal experience and knowledge in this Reality Transurfing review.

But before I move to a text-based review, I’d love to share Aaron’s take on RT:

What is Reality Transurfing About?

Let’s face…

All of us, one way or another, get caught in the grip of circumstances. 

Our desires aren’t fulfilled, our dreams don’t come true, but our worst expectations, as luck would have it, have a tendency to become a reality.

Is it really not possible to have things the other way around?

Well guess what?

Turns out it IS possible, if you apply the principles of reality transurfing.

Reality transurfing is a powerful instrument for managing reality.


This sounds crazy only within the ordinary worldview.

By breaking down stereotypes (about life), you open the door to a world where unrealizable dreams turn into reality. 

Reading the amazing books written by Vadim Zeland, you will learn that your possibilities are limited ONLY by your intention… 

Very cool.

And right away, in the very first book called “Reality Transurfing: The Space of Variations“, the author states the following:

We won’t be doing any exercises, meditations or soul digging. 

Transurfing is not a new self-improvement technique, but it is a fundamentally different way of thinking and behaving in order to get what you desire out of life. 

It implies exactly this – to get what you desire from life, rather than having to fight for it

The method of Transurfing is not aimed at changing the self. It offers a way of returning to self.

I’ve read a LOT of self-help books myself and this section instantly won my heart, when he said that we don’t have to FIGHT for things in our life and we don’t have to change ourselves as many gurus recommend. 

I am only happy to improve myself, but statements a là “dye your hair blond if you want this guy to love you” annoy me, to say the least. 

Anyway, I’ve read/listened to all the books, multiple times and every time I find something new.

Without a doubt…

If you’re a conscious individual and are open to this kind of knowledge, it will be simply MIND-BLOWING!

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Why Is It A Life-Changing Book?

You have a real way to get out of a vicious circle that you’ve been in for years.

Let me repeat myself here:

Reality transurfing is an incredible tool that can significantly improve your life, and if done properly it can move your life to a whole new level.

The way I see it, Transurfing is the audacity to CHOOSE your own life.

This is a new reality where any of your CHOICES are realized, but only on condition that you consciously and completely take responsibility for them.

Truth is…

Vadim Zeland has done a wonderful job in systematising a single system of knowledge and presenting it for his readers, who seek to change their life for the better. 

When I started reading his books, I quickly became aware of what he was talking about and put that knowledge into practice.

I was amazed at the simplicity and the depth of knowledge that the author gives in his books. 

The information that I learned didn’t just surprise me, it shocked me in a positive way.

5 Reasons Why Reality Transurfing Is Popular

There are a lot of self-help or other esoteric teaching books, but I can list 5 reasons why Transurfing maintains to be a bestseller, even 10 years later.

Also, as far as I know, it’s pretty uncommon for modern Russian writers to gain international fame.

Gotta mean something!

A Simple and Understandable Guide to Improve Your Life


While the book might be a bit challenging due to translation reasons and the topic itself, once you truly understand it, you’ll see the immense value.

(Though, to be honest, personally I read and listened to all the books at least 5 times in the last 5 years to REALLY get it.) 

Point is…

Once you get into it, you will start seeing transurfing as a tool that you use to create your own reality.

Each theoretical block is followed by a clear and detailed explanation of what exactly one should do in life in order to obtain the desired result.

Reality Transurfing Works in ALL Aspects of Life

Whatever issue you face, Transurfing reality works equally well in all areas of life:

  • relationships and love,
  • money and wealth,
  • finding the true goal and realizing your destiny,
  • self-development and spiritual growth,
  • health, healing and rejuvenation of the body.

Without doubt, RT is breaking down the stereotypes we all have.

When succeeding in one aspect of life, doesn’t mean that you will lose in another area. 

You REALLY can have it all, it all depends on your intention.

Unfortunately, most people are used to accepting the current rules of the “game”: either this or that.

In his books, Vadim Zeland helps us realize that, indeed, it is possible to be young, healthy, wealthy and HAVE success in love affairs as well.

Isn’t it awesome?

Transurfing Helps You Achieve Your Goals Easier and Faster

If you are interested in personal development, chances are that you’ve read tons of books, practiced many energy exercises and tried to get into meditations of all sorts.

Did all this help you improve your life significantly

I know it wasn’t the case for me until I started practicing RT.

“Choice” is the key word here.

When we’re conscious and CHOOSE things for ourselves, eventually, life becomes full of pleasant surprises.

Once you change your attitude, no matter how challenging your situation is, your reality begins to straighten out before your very eyes.

Suddenly things, small or big, start to happen that you’d never think would ever happen to you.

(I speak from personal experience!)

For most people, the way to achieve the desired outcomes is to invest time, money and efforts. We were taught that we should “rely on ourselves, work hard and we’ll get what we want”.

Others mistakenly believe that RT is some sort of magic wand.

Thinking all you need to do is to visualize aspects of beautiful life, while lying on your couch, and you’ll have it all.


You will have to put in some basic efforts for it to work, I promise you that.

Basically with Transurfing we don’t fight our way to success.

Instead, we harmoniosly go with the flow, in relaxed state, avoiding stress and without sacrificing our health and personal life.

It’s like there are some positive forces that move us, Transurfers, in the right direction.

Reality Transurfing Techniques, Like Ordering Off A Menu


It’s been mentioned a few times already that Reality Transurfing is a tool to create your life.

It involves certain powerful techniques to help you get there.

Overall, we CHOOSE our reality and this choice is made when there’s a unity of soul and mind.

RT doesn’t deny other energy practices and exercises.

Moreover, it’s consonant with many ancient teachings and synthesizes their key moments and the most effective practices.

You can choose whatever you want in life, like ordering off a menu.

How awesome is that?

Changing Your Life Right Here, Right Now

Here’s the thing:

Transurfing allows you to create your future and your present right here, right now.

It doesn’t mean forgetting everything that’s happened before.

It means learning from your past experience. Accept it, whatever it is. Thank it and move forward without clinging to the past.

Accept your present situation as it is and get rid of your dissatisfaction and resentment. You can always find something good in everything and in any situation. Even the smallest things in life can be a source of joy. So, you don’t like the house you’re living in, but you can at least be grateful to it. After all, it has sheltered you. It is rainy and windy outside, and the house is the one to endure that, while keeping you safe and warm. Doesn’t this deserve some kind of recognition?

– Vadim Zeland, in “Reality Transurfing 1”

One of the basic principles of RT is accepting people and events be the way they are: “Let yourself be yourself and let others be themselves”.

Very powerful principle, indeed!

This is because we don’t label anyone/anything, and remain unbiased.

In turn, we can assess things with clear-headed and continue moving towards our goal without spending energy in vain.

==> Check out glowing Amazon reviews here.

Reality Transurfing Review: My Personal Experience

First of all, I experienced a change of state in everything – my health, my consciousness and thoughts.


  • my online businesses started to grow,
  • new opportunities were presented to me to help me generate passive income,
  • somehow happened to find a brilliant orthopaedic surgeon,
  • slowly started changing my diet…  

(Just to name a few.)

But in simply saying that I realised my goals and wishes, found the person I love and doing the job I enjoy, that would be a description on a superficial level.


I will share a few points of what exactly I took from Zeland’s books and what techniques I personally use.

Increased Awareness

I increased my awareness of the principle of Pendulums.

The book’s main concept is a Pendulum, an energy institution whose function is to self-preserve at the expense of its adherents.

In other words:

A Pendulum is anything that a group of people give its energy to, without really being aware that they are doing this.

When I became aware of these Pendulums, I got off their hooks. This means that I:

  • gave up bad habits,
  • stopped watching TV and news,
  • stopped promising things that would take a lot of time to do or that I didn’t want to do for whatever reasons.

Basically, I stopped reacting to things that I would react to before (gossip, news, resentment, anger, complaints, politics, and so forth).

And this, I must tell you, gave me a state of deep peace and balance.

Zeland’s aim is to call our attention to how we may be blindly giving our energies and resources to Pendulums that may no longer (or have never) served our personal purposes or beliefs, and how we can choose to stop their highly negative effects on our minds, hearts, and wills.

The point here is that we accumulate our energy and not give it away to Pendulums instead.

This way our energy level increases.

If we spend our energy on negative things that I’ve mentioned then not only it takes our energy but it also resonates on low energy levels, which in turn attracts the same low waves (negative events in our life).

This practice teaches you to control your emotions because through emotions does your energy leave you.


In the world, there is a battle for energies.

Combatting Laziness

Let’s talk about an interesting topic – the laziness.

Truth is…

Laziness is a lack of energy and nothing more.

You are lazy to do something because you simply don’t have the available energy to do it.

If you do something on “autopilot” it requires a lot less energy than doing something absolutely new that you are not used to.

In other words, if we act like we are used to and if we think like we are used to, then there’s a minimal loss of energy.

That is why the older a person is, the harder it is for him to change his life for the better.

They simply don’t have enough energy to do it!

In the books, Zeland provides very powerful techniques on the accumulation of energy through yoga and raw food eating. 

Be sure to practice them!

After the serious foot reconstruction surgery I had, I finally made my decision to slowly change my diet for the better, and I already feel great. Having a celery juice on an empty stomach every morning is a healthy way to start the day!

Also, I recommend watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and checking out Medical Medium (aka Anthony William) resources.

What Happens Next? How Does It Change Your Life?


Once you understood everything that says in the book and started using the energy practices, what do you do next?

You will notice that you will have a CRAZY amount of energy, similar to the energy of little kids who are like on batteries.

You will feel like you are on the top of the world and anything is achievable.

Here’s the first danger though.

Losing your energy that you just accumulated.

An analogy to someone who hasn’t learned how to properly use a big amount of money that he just received and loses it all in a matter of days.

That is why it is important to invest your energy in the right direction.

Your task is to learn how to balance your energy.

You Get Exactly What You CHOOSE to Have!

One principle of the system of reality transurfing is that each of us has a multivariant destiny, that is each of us can achieve any goals.

Each of us has a number of variants of fate i.e. who we can be in our life.

Today, I am a musician and a writer, but somewhere in a space, I also have an option of being a businesswoman or a president, for example.

And these are the choices/variants that are available in the infinite amount to every one of us.

Thanks to certain techniques (that you will learn in books), you can choose (not fight for it but choose) the desired option of lifestyle and start shaping your life consciously.

This way, we don’t just wander through life, being wherever life throws us to, but rather we consciously chose a direction to the kind of life we need. 

Vadim Zeland’s Books: Final Thoughts

If you are focused on self-development and haven’t heard of the system Zeland talks about, then I strongly recommend you to examine it and start applying in your life.

It might be a bit challenging to read (I myself re-read it multiple times, it’s like a Bible to me now lol) but it’s very well worth it.

I can honestly say that Zeland’s books changed my life.

The system that Zeland explains is vast and you will find a lot of interesting moments there.

In his books, you will learn about life-tracks, coordination of the intentions, slides technique, among others.


I accepted this system wholeheartedly and I recommend it to everyone who wants to achieve more in life and wants to gain control over his/her life.

Given the kind of responses the 5-volume book of “Reality Transurfing” got and the number of languages it was translated to, I think that every single person who wants to be successful in life should read his books.

Whether you like e-books or physical books, you can get them out on Amazon here.

The first book “Reality Transurfing: The Space of Variations” is definitely available on US Amazon.

(Used books will be a lot cheaper to buy).

Take my word for it:

Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland is probably the most profound escape-the-hivemind treatise that you’ll ever come across

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