Emil Pakarklis Net Worth: How Rich is the Founder of iPhone Photography School?

Emil Pakarklis Net Worth, Bio, Career Earnings

What is Emil Pakarklis’ net worth? What is his journey? What are his main sources of wealth? Let’s find out below!

Emil Pakarklis is a self-taught iPhoneographer, photography instructor, blogger, and an online entrepreneur from Latvia.

Despite not having any formal education in the photography or business niche, he was able to create a successful Internet business with several best-selling courses, and a world-leading resource on iPhone photography.

Here’s a quick overview:

Name: Emils Pakarklis
Wife: Oksana Ribule
Birthplace: Jurmala, Latvia
Profession: Blogger, photography instructor, YouTuber, entrepreneur
Business model: Content creation/online courses
Top bestselling courses: iPhone Photo Academy, Capture It All (NEW!)
Net Worth: $1+ Million

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Emil Pakarklis Bio

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on Emil’s age, family, or personal life.

From what we’ve gathered, he was born in Jurmala, and lives in Latvia with his wife, Oksana Ribule (and that’s where their business is based out of too).


What do we know about Emil Pakarklis biography and professional career journey?

Emil is an experienced iPhone photographer and blogger for several years.

In 2012, he created an info-based website called iPhone Photography School, which remains to be the most authoritative source on the Internet in this niche.

In fact, IPS was the first blog on the Internet that shared valuable info and how-to tutorials for mobile photography enthusiasts.

Currently, it attracts 350,000+ organic visits (sometimes twice as much during the hottest months):

IPS organic searches as of Dec 2021

How did it all start?

Truth is, Emil was always interested in photography, however several years ago, he simply couldn’t afford the expensive DSLRs. He also found the point-and-shoot cameras extremely disappointing.

When he bought his first iPhone 4s, he realized that it actually took better photos than the point-and-shooter, and, best of all, it was always with him in his pocket.

So that’s how his online journey has started. That’s what inspired him to launch iPhone Photography School and share everything he’s learned with the audience on the Internet. Besides serving his audience with free material, he also created premium online courses.

The list of bestselling courses to date:

I personally have access to all his products, have written reviews on those, and totally enjoyed the info shared.

You’ll be amazed what your current iOS camera can do!

iPhone Photography School & Photography Pro

Besides creating the iPhone Photography School website and digital products for iPhoneographers, Emil also created a resource for digital camera enthusiasts called Photography Pro.

He then had a contract with an incredible Canadian photographer Mark Hemmings to create online courses for beginner DSLR photographers.

Mark is a truly amazing instructor with decades of experience in teaching and photography, so Emil chose the perfect person to work with. And this business turned out to be a huge success too.

Here are Photography Pro’s bestselling courses:

If you enjoy traditional camera photography and want to learn how to master your DSLR, then I highly recommend you check out these courses. (Again, I myself have access to those and created reviews.)

Top 3 Tips for Photography Enthusiasts

What is Emil’s best advice for photography enthusiasts?

First of all, often in his articles and videos, he mentions that your iPhone/camera is just a TOOL. What matters is HOW you use this tool. That’s why proper guidance and knowing basic rules matters.

Secondly, instead of mindlessly taking a quick shot, take a second to think about the object in your frame. This kind of attitude matters if you want to create good photos.

Thirdly, master your composition and don’t be afraid to be creative with angles to create a more interesting photo.

(With these 3 tips alone you’ll significantly improve your shots.)

Emil Pakarklis Net Worth

So, how rich is Emil Pakarklis today?

First of all, here are his known sources of wealth:

Now, there’s no certain information on Emil’s assets, liabilities and all sources of income, but having been in the online business world for a while, I can make an educated guess on his approximate net worth.

If we consider the fact that he has over half a million subscribers to his channel and over a million visits to his websites, I’m positive that Emil Pakarklis’ net worth is $1,000,000+ US dollars.

What are your guesses? Any other sources of income that you’re aware of? Let us know in the comments!

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